Our service centre is currently under contrustion. For now, please direct contact us if there is any question to our services and solutions. In very soon the mushroom grows, you can find more details on our services as listed below in this room. Remember to check it out soon!

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Our fishing area is currently under contrustion. I know you might be wondering why fishing. Well, you know that, old men love fishing. And there is an old fisherman would like to tell you about story on this land. Since when the land of ishi has been here and plently more stories later on!
We would like to share...

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Keep in touch is always a good way to get closer and better relationship between you and us. Drop us a mail, or contact us, if you're having a project in your mind. We will be willing to hear from you!


  • e-Mail     :: sales@ishiweb.com
  • Contact  :: 012-3577104 (Ms. Sincera)
                    012-3844886 (Mr. Shimizu)
  • Location :: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ ishi garden (*^-^*)

** Please, DO NOT send us email without reason or just to say hello.
My mommy does not like that!